Part of the traditional procurement forester role is to perform what are colloquially known as "tract checks". The purpose of a tract check is to ensure the logger is harvesting the tract he says he is, and to briefly check the logger's compliance with forest management best practices.

Unfortunately, as a procurement forester, there really isn't a good way to document that you performed the tract check nor is there a convenient method to report tract checks findings. This app was designed to provide a simple, quick means of documenting basic tract check information. We also included a handy NOAA weather radar overlay and the ability to save tracts and navigate back to them through the app. In addition, all notes, pictures, etc automatically attach to emails with the tract name and GPS coordinates for ease of sharing. This app should have pretty much every tool a procurement forester could want, but if you see something that's missing or would just like a version customized to your company's needs, please contact us.