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connected logging at its best.


Timberguide Pro delivers four primary benefits:

1. Places all the information from the office; GIS maps, topography, cut rows, boundary lines, etc. on a display in the logging equipment in the field and updates office information with data from logging equipment in real time. 

2. Allows forestry field personnel to simplify the form collection process through digital recordkeeping and persistent storage in the cloud. Forms are customizable and georeferenced to assets in the field such as harvest areas, roads, culverts, protected zones, and more.

3. Suitable for monitoring logging progress, load ticketing applications, scouting forms, complicance documentation (ATFS, SFI, PEFC, FSC), production reports, work orders, loader records, and many more forestry use cases.

4. Enables easier management of multiple logging crews from one place by mapping the current location of every machine, sending alerts based on user defined specifications, tracking distance traveled, machine grouping, and operator productivity indicators.


Timberguide pro features

Map notations from equipment operators and office staff synced and shared in real time.

Property lines, skid rows, deck locations etc continuously mapped in relation to equipment position and shared between all members of the group. 

Color coded travel logs by machine operator and date available on the forester's iPhone in real time.

Pictures are incorporated and saved to tagged data. Share this data between all members of the group.