Satellite imagery


Orthorectified multispectral images at 50 cm resolution for most of the globe. 


Catenaut’s ability to quickly provide high resolution multispectral images of active sites enables our customers to perform near real time analytics of site dynamics and forest health.

The average age of the imagery for each “tasking” is based on order time and cloud cover. The images are taken each pass until the cloud threshold is met. Typically 5 – 20 days.

Minimum order size is 100 sq. km. and delivered images are post processed using ground control to within a 1-3 meter horizontal accuracy.

Each satellite has unique capabilities and differing accuracies. Customers may either specify a preferred constellation or allow Catenaut to select to select the most appropriate satellite for the job.

A good resource for learning about satellite imagery is

Catenaut has ability to “task” a multitude of different satellites to provide exceptional responsiveness for highly time critical requests.