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Blockchain of custody


Catenaut’s blockchain system for certifying forest management compliance.

blockchain technology, specifically adapted for use in the forest products industry.


Blockchain systems are based on creating unique records and then "hashing" those records to form a 256 digit serial number, commonly referred to as a "token". Our blockchain solution starts by creating this token from forest harvesting information obtained by the FMC system. We then track the token through the supply chain and "attach" it to finished products.

The token is tracked through the supply chain by integrating our blockchain program with mill work order or business process systems (typically SAP). SAP integration allows us to convert the millions of forest harvesting tokens into a single "token" specific to the mill and product produced. This new "finished product" token contains all the information from the process steps leading up to its creation and a record of all the forest harvesting tokens that were used in its creation.

The finished product token is "attached" so that it remains with the product as it moves through the supply chain. Because the tokens are all 256 digit hashes the privacy and security of any confidential information contained within is assured. In addition, the unique hash value ensures tokens can only be used once, so the validity of the information is unquestionable. Consequently, the blockchain easily scales to meet the needs of more complex supply chains but still retains the value for chain of custody and certification.