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What We Do


Our job is to provide innovation for the Forest Products Industry.

Our purpose is to provide tools to improve the lives of those around us.


Meet the team


Jeremy Jones


Jeremy brings together a diverse background of experiences and network of professionals from all across the forest products industry. Jeremy's formal training includes serving 6 years in the United States Navy as a submarine trained nuclear machinist's mate, a BSF in Forestry (wood science concentration), a BS in Economics, an MBA in fraud management, a lean/six sigma black belt, A+ computer certification, Class C landfill certification, and much more.

Jeremy is currently completing coursework for his Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering and is focused on developing Intellectual Property around novel pulping methods for lignocellulosic biomass. Jeremy's diverse career path and constant education has given him the opportunity to perform, with his own hands, literally every job in the forest products industry from planting the trees to wrapping the paper. Consequently, much of Jeremy's time is spent consulting with pulp mill operators and bioenergy start-ups to help identify pre-existing solutions for common problems and opportunities for plant optimization.


Jon Lunsford


Jon graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor’s in Forest Management, and has worked in the forest industry for nearly twenty years. During his career, he has worked in various forest management roles, including a position in herbicide sales and distribution.

Jon’s primary interest is in promoting the widespread use of data analytics and technology in the forestry profession. He is proficient with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and statistical analytics tools, and various programming languages including Python, SQL, and PHP.

Dallas Geis

Dallas Geis


Dallas grew up on a cotton, wheat, and cattle operation in SW Oklahoma. Dallas attended Oklahoma State University where he received a B.S. in Agronomy with an emphasis in biotechnology. He then went on to receive a M.S. in Row Crop Weed Science where one of his thesis projects was studying eclipta competition in peanut. After college, Dallas worked for Sandoz Agro in their R&D group for 2 years. Dallas then went on to work for Zeneca Ag products for 3 years in Technical Support for the MidWest region.

During that time Dallas became exposed to the beginnings of the Precision Ag Revolution and left Zeneca to cofound Genesis Industries. Many years and much R&D later, Genesis Industries was awarded U.S. patent US9235334B2 for what amounts to precision ag in the forest products industry.

After 13 years in the forest products industry, Dallas exited from ongoing operations to become an adjunct professor of Precision Agriculture at Cameron University and continue the family tradition of farming in SW Oklahoma.

Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell


Kevin leverages a strong science background with hands-on operations and engineering experience to provide a clear path to success on a range of projects.In 2009, Kevin received his bachelor's degree in physics from SUNY Geneseo. Continuing on the same path, he went to the University of Pittsburgh to work toward a graduate degree in particle physics. After assisting in research at CERN's ATLAS experiment, Kevin became dedicated to making science tangible and found the best opportunity to pursue that passion in the field of Nuclear Power. Working first as an Operator, and then as an Engineer II, Kevin demonstrated mastery in both the technical and theoretical aspects of nuclear power before moving on to help found Catenaut. Kevin currently supports the more technically advanced aspects of Catenaut's engagements and is working towards completing post-graduate work in advanced materials engineering.