Provides intuitive graphic user interfaces, personalized data feeds and industry leading analytics to the entire organization for better outage coordination and execution.



The advanced graphic user interface, features and metrics of our Pit Stop outage management software stem from our novel algorithms and unique data structures. This allows us to put the full might of outage planning, scheduling and document control into the hands of front line personnel in the field that may not traditionally have access to a digital data stream. We have aligned the graphic user interface to adhere to the aerospace and defense industry’s AS9100 quality management system requirements that also encompass all of the ISO 9001 requirements as well.

Catenaut’s expertise in performing and managing highly technical evolutions, as well as our hands-on experience in coordinating and supervising numerous successful outages, enabled us to develop a system that has a direct and noticeable impact on outage performance. Catenaut's technical approach allows us to utilize Monte Carlo simulation to more accurately approximate resource demand and systemic risk and identify outage over-run predictors in real time. While this approach could become quantitatively dense, Catenaut has developed an intuitive graphical user interface to aid in the disbursement of up to the minute status knowledge, that enables managers and front line leaders to make data based decisions and immediately impact outage performance.

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